Vosae is now open source!

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Finally out of Beta, Vosae goes open source!

Having been available now for one month in beta, you have had the opportunity to discover Vosae, the business management application for the SOHO/ SME environment. More specifically, Vosae allows small businesses to manage:

  • Contacts (suppliers, prospects, customers )
  • Invoicing
  • Their organizers

Vosae is available both freely and safely

Our love for open-source technologies has prompted us to make Vosae available to the entire community, so that everyone can use it for their own purposes.

Indeed, it was during beta-testing, both private and public, that many of our tester-adventurers asked us if we would be able to offer "self-hosted" business solution. Because, at the time of the widespread surveillance of content, many of us feel concerned about the lack of security of cloud offerings. Distributing Vosae freely is therefore a way to meet this demand, because data security is a fundamental principle for us.

Quality for all ...

Making Vosae an open-source tool is a guarantee of quality for everyone. For us, the team at Naeka, who remain strongly committed to the development of the application. For you, the users, because you can easily access the heart of Vosae and audit the application. With this feature, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the management and resolution of problems (or not!) during your use .

Sustainability ... and value - added

Whereas the vendors of proprietary software will provide you with no guarantees as to its longevity, free software gives you the added value that you lack: intelligence which allows it to develop over the course of time. For an application like Vosae, which is at the heart of your company, that point is fundamental.

Real legitimacy , supported by the largest number of users

We believe that our community and the open source movement are far more important than any marketing strategies. A project like Vosae , which aims to provide a central tool for companies, managing highly sensitive information such as billing data or customer management details, can only have real legitimacy if it is supported by the greatest number of users.

Developers, we have thought of everything

We especially hope to stimulate the community of developers so they can sail with us on this great adventure to create the best tool for business management.

To be honest, we conducted all this smoothly : Vosae is composed of two parts: a front-end + a back-end. Thus, in addition to having a modular architecture, this division allows developers specialized in Python or Django to contribute to vosae-app (API), and those who have more knowledge of the frontend and Ember.js, to provide control over vosae-web (web client).

Everything is on Github :

You can find us on Github, Twitter, Facebook and email (support [at] vosae.com ) .

Now you know everything there is to know!

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